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                               Will treatments need to be repeated in the

                                      Generally, following the initial series of treatments, additional
                                      treatments may not be required. However, it can be repeated
                                      as often as necessary.

                               How does the technology work?

                                      ED1000 Therapy is designed especially for problems of
                                      Erectile Dysfunction. It is based on the use of low intensity
                                      extracorporeal shock waves, which have been used
                                      successfully since 2005 in advanced heart failure treatments.
                                      It does this by improving blood flow into the tissue. The
                                      origins of this technology dates back to the 1980’s and
                                      millions of safe and effective treatments have been done
                                      across the world in different areas of medicine varying from
                                      wounds to kidney stones.
                                      ED1000 shock waves are focussed onto the
                                      treatment area, creating new blood vessels
                                      in penile tissue, which then enables the
                                      patient to achieve & maintain firm,
                                      natural erections.

                               How is Shock wave therapy different from other
                               ED treatments?

                                      Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive, non- pharmacological
                                      procedure that triggers a natural mechanism that actually
                                      fixes vascular-related ED problems, rather than just treating
                                      the symptoms. Unlike other therapies that utilize drugs
                                      such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra - or employ vacuum pumps,
                                      injections or implants – ED1000 Therapy has no detrimental
                                      effect on any systems or organs of the body & does not
                                      require surgery.

                                      ED1000 Therapy is the only curative treatment available.
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