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The treatment is effective …

Extensive clinical trials have shown significant improvement in
erectile function for up to 2 years following treatment. Results
show that around 50% of men will no longer need PDE5i drugs
(such as Viagra or Cialis), with a further 25% only using them
occasionally (ref. 1).
The therapy enables patients with severe ED - for whom
medications have had no effect, and whose only choices were
vacuum pumps, injections, and implants -
to become responsive to drug treatments. 73% of men in this
category can expect a good result (ref. 2).
Results from the most extensive & in depth clinical trial so far
were published in the Journal of Urology in May 2012, and detailed
excellent results in erectile function and other important factors
(ref. 3).

How is ED1000 Therapy Different to PDE5 Inhibitors?

ED1000 Therapy treats the cause of vascular related ED unlike
drugs which give a temporary solution. Between 50 to 75% of
patients will find that they no longer need these drugs, or will use
a reduced dose. This leads to a more natural and spontaneous
sex life.
Drug treatments have limitations - there can be adverse events
and contraindications in men who suffer from some medical
conditions such as heart disease. In addition to this there is a lack
of spontaneity & having to “pre-prepare” for sex.
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