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Treat the cause & no

  Is it safe? Are there side-effects?

  Yes, the treatment is safe. It is non-invasive and no medications are used. There are
  no reported side-effects during, immediately following, or post- treatment. Patients
  are able to return to their daily routines immediately after each treatment session.
  ED1000 Therapy is based on technology that has been used safely in millions of
  cases world-wide.

  Is it painful? Are sedation or pre-treatment procedures required?
  What does it feel like?

  No, the treatment is not painful, and no sedation or preparatory procedures are
  required. During the treatment patients can feel a gentle tapping sensation.

  Where is the treatment performed? Is it done discreetly? Is
  hospitalization required?

  Typically, the treatments are performed in doctors’ clinics, which, by their nature,
  are discreet. They are conducted in a private room, with only the therapist present.

  How long does it take?

  Each session takes approximately 20 minutes. The entire treatment protocol
  consists of several sessions, which are conducted over a number of weeks.

  How soon can improvement be noticed? How long will it last?

  Patients can report improvement within 3 weeks of beginning the treatment, with a
  high rate of satisfaction for more than a year following treatment. Two year clinical
  results are currently being published and demonstrate the treatment is lasting.
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