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Erectile Dysfunction –
The Background

At any point in time, it is estimated that 2.3 million men in the
UK suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). About 70% of this
is due to medical reasons such as cardiovascular disease,
peripheral vascular disease and / or diabetes. This is known
as vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, and is caused by blocked
blood vessels which prevent blood flowing properly into the
penis, which in turn reduces the hardness of the erection.

ED1000 offers a cure for erectile dysfunction and is a highly
effective solution. This breakthrough, treatment, brings long
lasting improvement for erectile function and sexual health -
without pain or medication.

Based on the technology used in advanced cardiology treatment
& utilizing shockwaves, ED1000 is a curative technique for
Erectile Dysfunction - rather than masking the underlying
problem as drugs would do.

  For the first time, your doctor can now
  provide you with a clinically-proven
  treatment that is easy, safe and painless
  – delivering a full solution for vascular
  related ED problems.

   It is painless, non-invasive, and no sedation, anaesthesia or
   drugs are needed.
   A Natural Sex Life:
   •	 Significant improvement in sexual performance
   •	 Enables natural & spontaneous erection
   •	 Curative solution
   •	 Clinically proven
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