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About Erectile Dysfunction

At any point in time, it is estimated that 2.3 million men in the UK suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), with up to half of men between the ages of 40 & 70 suffering from it to some degree.

About 70% of this is due to medical reasons such as cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and / or diabetes. This is known as vascular erectile dysfunction, and is caused by blocked blood vessels which prevent blood flowing properly into the penis which reduces the hardness of erections.

As there are medical reasons for this, it means that something can be done about it.

Curing Erectile Dysfunction | Curing ED

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ED1000 is a curative treatment for erectile dysfunction using LI-ESWT technology. The benefits of this treatment are:

  • It allows men to return to a spontaneous and natural sex life
  • It reduces or completely removes the need to “pre-prepare” for sex by taking drugs such as "Viagra"
  • Gives hope to chronic sufferers of ED without the need for injections or implants
  • Is pain free
  • Has no reported side effects
  • Treats the causes of Eredctile Dysfunction (ED) rather than the symptoms
  • Requires no surgical procedures, and no anaesthetic or sedation
  • It is clinically proven

Traditional Treatment


Drugs therapy such as "Viagra" & "Cialis", penile injections, or pellets require planning ahead of time, and apart from any potential side effects, they treat the symptoms rather than the causes. They effectively cause the blood vessels in the penis to temporarily dilate allowing blood to flow into the penis causing an erection.

Some groups of patients such as those with a cardiovascular risk may be unsuitable for this type of treatment. There are also potential side effects such as impaired vision, hot flushes, back ache, scar tissue (in the case of injections), and sustained erections which can cause lasting damage.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are placed over the penis and cause blood to rush into it at which point a ring is placed over the penis to keep the blood there. This does not always give a satisfactory solution, it is not spontaneous, and can cause bruising. It is however a relatively cheap option.


Implants require a surgical procedure under general anaesthetic. Types of implants vary and can either use an integrated pump for the patient to gain an erection, or they can be permanently semi rigid. Both options involve surgery and all the potential risks involved, and the inflatable implants may require to be replaced at a later date.

Implants are normally used in the event of failure of other options.

ED 1000

About You

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can affect men in many ways, potentially damaging their self-esteem and having a negative effect on their relationships.  ED 1000 treatment offers a curative pain free technique that puts you back in charge of your sex life.

You get a completely confidential and quick answer on your suitability for ED 1000 treatment.  Our highly skilled medical staff will treat your enquiry with sensitivity and will try to answer any questions you may have about your condition or the treatment we offer. 

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Our commitment to you:

  • On completion of our on-line form, you will be assessed for your suitability for treatment by one of our Consultant Urologists.
  • This will lead to a telephone consultation with the consultant who has reviewed your questionnaire (please note there may be a £50 fee for this). 
  • If you are still suitable for treatment, we can arrange an appointment for you.
  • On arrival at the treatment centre, you will be assessed by one of our Consultants (fee £110-150). If you are suitable we ask you to think about whether you wish to proceed and get back to us within 48 hours. If you decide to proceed then our staff will arrange your treatment programme (please note there are additional fees for this).

ED 1000 treatment is only offered privately in the UK, so there are charges which will vary by treatment centre.

Our Clients

About Our Surgeon

Mr Vijay K. Sangar B.Sc., MB.ChB., MD, FRCS (Urol)

Vijay Sangar is an accredited Consultant Urological Surgeon having trained in Manchester, London and Strasbourg. He works at the University Hospital of South Manchester, The Christie Hospital and also holds the post of Hon Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester.  Vijay works within the private sector at Spire Manchester Hospital.

Vijay is a leading Penile Surgeon and his practice spans 7.5 million people. Vijay has an interest in sexual dysfunction and is a leading practitioner of the ED 1000 technique.  

Vijay is active in research, having published in scientific journals and presented award winning research internationally. He is the National Penile Cancer Guidelines Lead and is also a member of the European Association of Urology, the National Cancer Research Institute, the British Association of Urological Surgeons and the Society of Expert Witnesses.

Our Surgeon

About Curing-ED

Curing ED is the patient web site for ED 1000 in the United Kingdom, and is managed by Alpha Seven Medical Division who distribute ED 1000.

We are passionate about making new innovative treatments available to patients in all walks of life, and have been instrumental in a number of medical firsts and making these available to patients in the NHS and private sectors.  We work with carefully chosen manufacturers of medical devices on an international basis, launching new techniques across the UK.

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How We Can Help

Fill in our secure and convenient online form. Our clinical team will assess your data and contact you about whether ED 1000 therapy is right for you.  Before any treatment, a personal consultation and blood tests are required (fees apply).

We realise this is a sensitive subject. You can be completely confident that your details will be held in the strictest confidence, using our sophisticated security system.

We guarantee that none of your data will ever be seen by anyone other that our skilled medical professionals.

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