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Erectile Dysfunction

For the first time, your doctor can now provide you with a clinically-proven treatment that is easy, safe, fast, and painless – delivering a curative solution for vascular related ED problems.

It is painless, non-invasive, no medication is used, and no sedation, anaesthesia or drugs are needed.

ED 1000 Therapy uses LI-ESWT technology and is a non-invasive treatment which treats the issue in a completely different way from drugs such as "Viagra" which treat the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. ED1000 Therapy stimulates and grows new blood vessels in the penis, helping men to achieve natural & spontaneous erections without having to 'pre-prepare' for sex by taking a medication.

Curing Erectile Dysfunction | Curing ED | ED 1000 treatment UK

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Fill in our secure and convenient online form. Our clinical team will assess your data and contact you about whether ED 1000 therapy is right for you.  Before any treatment, a personal consultation and blood tests are required (fees apply). 

We realise this is a sensitive subject. You can be completely confident that your details will be held in the strictest confidence, using our sophisticated security system.

We guarantee that none of your data will ever be seen by anyone other that our skilled medical professionals.

Curing Erectile Dysfunction | Curing ED

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