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ED 1000 Therapy

Treat the cause of Erectile Dysfunction (Curing ED), not the symptoms - take control over your sex life

This non-invasive treatment treats the issue in a completely different way from drugs such as "Viagra" which treat the symptoms of ED. ED1000 Therapy uses LI-ESWT technology which stimulates and grows new blood vessels in the penis, helping men to achieve natural & spontaneous erections without having to 'pre-prepare' for sex by taking a medication.

How Does The Treatment Work?

The treatment takes place over a number of sessions, it is painless and no anaesthesia or sedation is required. It takes about 20 minutes per session, and patients generally feeling a gentle "tapping" sensation.

Patients can start to notice a difference at the end of the third week of treatment. The treatment is based on LI-ESWT technology that has been used in millions of cases around the world, and there are no reported side effects.

The therapy is done in a treatment room within a relaxed setting.

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Who Does ED1000 Therapy Work For?

There are three main groups of men who the treatment can work for:

  1. Men Who Currently Respond to Medication: The results for men who currently use medication such as “Viagra” show that 50% will no longer need to use their medication with a further 25% only using it occasionally.
  2. Men Who Do Not Respond to Medication: In this group, clinical results show that 73% will go on to respond to their medication. This gives hope to men who have chronic ED and whose treatment options have previously been penile injections or surgery.
  3. Men Who Have Had a Radical Prostatectomy: In this group, current research indicates there is a one in three chance of a positive result. There is still a lot of clinical work being done in this field and it is early days in terms of long term results.
ED1000 is Clinically Proven

ED1000 treatment is clinically proven with international clinical trials detailing excellent results for patients who do and don not respond to medication. Details of these are available on request. Curing ED.

ED 1000

How We Can Help

Fill in our secure and convenient online form. Our clinical team will assess your data and contact you about whether ED 1000 therapy is right for you.  Before any treatment, a personal consultation and blood tests are required (fees apply).

We realise this is a sensitive subject. You can be completely confident that your details will be held in the strictest confidence, using our sophisticated security system.

We guarantee that none of your data will ever be seen by anyone other that our skilled medical professionals.

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